Betaland Eureka™

The Automatic School Timetable Scheduler

Eureka is a new professional software designed especially to schedule weekly school timetables easily, quickly and effectively. Using both automatic and interactive scheduling techniques, it helps school administrators in preparing their timetables more efficiently.

From now on, there is no need to waste valuable time and effort to build the timetable. All you need is to provide inputs and constrains for teachers, classes, and courses, and the timetable will be generated automatically for the most possible preference.

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Betaland Eureka™ uses smart algorithms to ensure the best possible timetable solution meeting the most possible requirements accurately without contradictions or conflicts. And it has been infused with new features and powerful operations to solve all obstacles that every school administration faces while preparing the timetable. In addition it is powered by a sophisticated reporting engine to help the user to preview, print and export customizable reports in different forms and formats.

Distribute periods equally between teachers and subjects over all week days

Allow fixed teacher periods for both automatic and interactive scheduling modes

Link multiple subjects to be taught at the same time

Schedule multiple teachers to teach joined periods

Allow a teacher to teach more than one class at the same time.

Provide room numbers for specialized classes (Labs, Computers, etc.)

Split gaps “windows” according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education

Interactive mode to easily and quickly modify the timetable without causing conflicts

Three Steps Only

Building the timetable is as easy as 1-2-3:

1) Define teachers, classes, subjects & courses

2) Define requirements and constrains:

Assign time matrix for each teacher, class, or subject

Create Links for joined courses

3) Schedule the time table interactively or automatically

After building the timetable you can:

Preview, print, and export timetables & reports

Edit the timetable using the interactive mode

Scheduling Modes

Automatic Mode

Eureka will generate a complete timetable automatically that fulfils all requirements and constrains in few minutes without user intervention. It follows all user defined requirements such as:

The minimum and the maximum gaps for each element (teacher, class, subject, and course)

Time matrix constrains for each object

Course has to be distributed equably in the entire week

Verify the entire class division and time matrix

Placing lessons into allowed classrooms

And many more…

Interactive Mode

Through this mode Eureka allows you to edit and modify the timetable easily and accurately without causing contradictions or conflicts. To insert an un-scheduled lesson in a time slot, it will only highlights the periods where the lesson can fit and blocks all other un-allowed time slots.

Display class and teacher timetables simultaneously

Show lessons using teacher colors to give easy and flat focus

Print, preview, or export timetables with an advanced customizable options (fonts, colors, orientation, blocks, days on top, links, etc.)

Navigate between classes and teachers timetables easily

Display multiple class/teacher timetable windows

Use cut, copy, and paste to manage lessons

Unlimited smart undo & redo operations

See tables and lessons modifications on-line

Smart lessons editing operations

Interactive Mode Operations

Edit Lesson

Modify a period lesson by selecting an allowed course from a list of available courses (not scheduled and not blocked) and free teachers (Who is free?).

Insert Lesson

Select an unscheduled course to insert into the timetable by highlighting free time slots and blocking unavailable ones.

Move Lesson

Highlight all free time slots in the timetable grid where the selected lesson can be moved without causing any conflict (Where is free?).

Exchange Lessons

Highlight all free time slots which can be swapped with the selected lesson without causing any conflict. Note that exchanging an empty cell provides you with the ability to see which lessons can be moved into it.

Scheduling Features

Fast automatic timetable generator engine (100 times faster)

Assign optional periods for teachers, classes, and subjects automatically

Eureka considers the total gaps (windows and doors) allowed per teacher through the scheduling procedure, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education

Eureka distributes teacher periods through all week days, or user defined days, equally for each teacher, and the rest of the teachers

The interactive mode is simple, fast and accurate. Eureka provides you with a list of available courses that you can select without causing any conflict

Distribute free periods among teachers evenly according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education

Automatic teacher coloring

Show and edit courses by teacher, class, or subject

Special browsers to enter teachers, classes, subjects, and courses easily and quickly

Calculates total, scheduled, and remain periods upon changes on-the-fly

On-line and automatic data verification

Pre-schedule certain courses and fix selected periods position

Create unlimited class divisions and groups

Unite several classes and or teachers into one lesson (joined lessons)

Easily and quickly link courses together using just one mouse click

View total, scheduled, and remain periods when selecting an object

Automatic and user defined requirements: minimum and maximum gaps, number of daily periods division, time matrix, blocked time slots, etc.

Preview and print teacher & class timetables and other various reports

General Features

Simple and fast data entry

Multiple bells for teachers and classes

Display lessons with days-on-top or periods-on-top on screen and printer

Multi-data and multi-user support

Customizable and fully user-defined lists

Various and professional reports

Easily import and export data to CSV files, Word documents, Excel sheets, etc.

Secured password to prevent unauthorized access

Fast SQL database that combines ease of use and low cost

Automatic backup and restore with efficient compression ratio

All windows versions support (98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7)

Check, download, and install updates automatically

Multi language interface and data entry support

Easy to install and operate

Import data from older versions

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