As well as the off-the-shelf products you will find here, we also provide consultancy and bespoke programming services to organizations and companies, either creating software from the ground up or tailoring one of our existing products to a company's specific needs.

If you don't find what you need directly available from our product list, why not contacts us to discuss how we can assist you in the development of one of our products to suit or build something new from the ground up, just for you.

Please find below links to our products:


The Professional On-Line School Portal


The Professional Hotel Management System


The Professional School Management System


The Automatic School Timetable Scheduler


The Professional Human Resources and Payroll System


The Professional Attendance Management System


The Professional Cheques Printing and Management Software


The Professional Births Management System


The Professional Business Management System

Top Products

Betaland Nobel

The complete student information management software solution for single school sites or multi-wide implementation. Nobel offers flexible, accurate data management systems and in-depth, real-time reporting.

Betaland Passport

An extremely powerful and comprehensive hotel management software that is just easy-to-use and flexible. While it is a feature rich suite full with integrated modules, Passport Reservation and Front Desk goes with your budget.

Betaland Eureka

A professional software designed especially to schedule weekly school timetables easily, quickly and effectively. Using both automatic and interactive scheduling techniques, it helps school administrators in preparing their timetables more efficiently.

Betaland Oscar

Provides the capacity to process, monitor and analyze a high volume of employees and their related transactions in an integrated manner, for each of the functions required for a payroll process and a complete human resources management.

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