Betaland NobelLive™

The Professional On-Line School Portal

NobelLive™ encourages communication between parents and teachers, and immerses students in their education. It works hand-in-hand with Betaland Nobel to deliver an unparalleled experience. Nothing else even comes close.

NobelLive™ is just the beginning of an improved experience for teachers, parents, students and administrators alike. Getting parents to use technology can sometimes be a challenge - that is why we designed NobelLive™ with all types of parents in mind, making it easy to use, intuitive and simple to navigate - all without sacrificing any features or performance. NobelLive™ is packed full of amazing features. It's unlike anything you have ever seen.

eTeacher™ is a new software for school administrations, teachers and educators that helps a lot in feeding student grades easily, quickly, and efficiently into Nobel, using any available PC anytime and anywhere over the Internet.

Feeding grades and evaluation records via internet

Fast and easy data entry

Enter student attendance and conduct in addition to marks

Review marks before transferring it to NOBEL

Reduces time by at least 95%

Teachers can securely access data from virtually anywhere at anytime

Eliminates errors while feeding grades

Enter marks for any course according to teacher privileges

Enter data at any time that is convenient to teacher

Data entry can be accomplished through any PC with internet

Feeding grades doesn’t contradict with administration schedules

Full student marks record support

List printing with advanced options

Reduces time needed to prepare and print certificates

Transfer grades feeding to teachers' responsibility

Enter data by teacher or by educator (class master)

Advanced data security and encryption

Work efficiently and effectively

Synchronizing data through advanced export/import procedures

Multi language support

eParent™ is an advanced Web application that can be accessed from any Web browser designed especially for Nobel, which gives parents secure and confidential Web Portal access to student progress and academic achievements they need, such as grades information and attendance in addition to financial information. Having this level of insight helps and empowers parents, for greater participation and accountability.

Full integration with NOBEL

Export academic & accounting data to the Web with advanced options

Simple and easy-to-use with one click within Nobel

Control the exported data with an advanced transcript/account customization

Access all children data from single parent and family account

High security and privacy

Clear and easy-to-use interface

Print transcripts/accounts from the Web

General school messages and events

Easily access the system from any location with an Internet connection

Provides secure, self-service web-based access to parents

Parents will benefit from real-time, online access to academic achievements and accounting information

Display progress reports, transcripts, attendance, and discipline information

Keep all parts aware and involved

Enables early intervention by parents, teachers, and administrators

Allow everyone to access relevant information easily

Reduce contact with administration

Work paperless, save printer toner and reduce costs

Save a lot of time and effort

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