Betaland Oscar™

The Professional HR and Payroll System

Betaland Oscar™ provides the capacity to process, monitor and analyze a high volume of employees and their related transactions in an integrated manner, for each of the functions required for a payroll process and a complete human resources management.

Betaland Oscar™ offers significant capability to define income and deduction formulas, benefits, tables, etc., in a user-friendly and flexible manner, as well as the capability to process the organization payroll using the information gathered through electronic clocks in an integrated manner with the TimeClock™. At the same time the payroll process generates unlimited number of customizable lists for the employees, payrolls & vacations, as well as financial reports.

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Betaland Oscar™ is a flexible, easy-to-learn system for managing student and contact information. Quickly produce paper and electronic correspondence, school, district and state reports, student ID cards and much more. Enjoy complete control over individuals’ security and access privileges. Customize Oscar with user-defined edit screens, add wide number of your own data fields, setup and build your own filters, reports and labels. Maintain and easily access complete student histories.

General Features

Personal Information Management with employee’s photo

User defined earnings, deductions, and employer contributions

Predefined & user defined global constants & conditional formulas and counters

User defined tax tables with automatic/manual tax calculation

Payroll calculation may be automatic, manual or, based on electronic clock data

Automatic payroll slip generation & printing with detailed payroll & leave info

Payment methods include cash, check, direct deposit, or any combination

Integrate your payroll data to financial accounting packages

Maintains and supports government taxes and regulations

Integrated detailed vacation and sick or others leave information management

Automatically carry over accrual information for each attendance plan

Multi-company and multi-user support

Customizable & fully user-defined lists for Employees, Payrolls, and Leaves

Various and professional payrolls and leaves reports

Customize and print or electronically transfer bank deposit list

Easy import and export capabilities to CSV files, Excel sheets, etc.

Secured password to prevent unauthorized access

Fast SQL database that combines ease of use and low cost

Automatic backup & restore with efficient compression ratio

All windows versions support (98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003)

Check, download, and install updates automatically

Multi language interface & data entry support

Easy to install and operate

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Human Resources

The Human Resources module provides the right tools to manage all aspects of human resources department.

A centralized location for entering and storing all employee information including personal and employment details

Integrate processes that put an end to the time-consuming tasks of re-entering information into multiple spreadsheets, worksheets and other software programs

Powerful reporting tools capable of generating advanced & customized reports

Absence management tools

A comprehensive document manager and Attachments Organizer with the ability to scan & store employees documents

Payroll Process

Betaland Oscar™ offers a wide range of sophisticated features to make payroll administration more efficient and cost-effective. Designed to be as flexible and intuitive as possible by automating payroll processes and helping to minimize time-consuming administrative tasks.

Betaland Oscar™ offers superior levels of flexibility including individual and group on-line payroll processing with the ability to re-run the process as many times as you require without ever needing to roll-back.

Interactive payroll calculation

Allows the effect of changes to be seen immediately, saving valuable time & effort.

Full control over income and deduction elements

A range of commonly required income and deduction rules are supplied pre-defined to allow fast track implementation, while a powerful point and click calculation facility allows additional rules to be generated easily using smart formulas and efficient counters.

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Integration with TimeClock™

Eliminate duplicate data entry and save time when you integrate Oscar™ with Betaland TimeClock™

Automatically carry over accrual information into Betaland Oscar™ for each leave plan

Change quantity values with Oscar™ by multiplying/dividing the number of hours in a work period

Special import procedure to import quantities, amounts, and leaves into Oscar from Betaland TimeClock™

Increase your level of detail and accuracy with Betaland Oscar's added accrual calculations for pay period and hours worked

This solution also provides assurance accurate record-keeping with automatic posting of leave transactions from Betaland TimeClock™

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Streamline the entire leave management process

Track, manage, and monitor all types of leave automatically

Reduce the costly abuse of leave benefits and limit unauthorized usage

Monitor leave eligibility and policy compliance more effectively

Offer employees real-time balances and accurate on-leave compensation

Synchronize and import leaves directly from TimeClock™

Identify leave abuse patterns using detailed on-demand reports

Graphical color & symbol coded calendar, reports, and lists

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Through this powerful module, users can design and build their own-style lists and reports by virtually controlling each single option with a few clicks.

Unlimited columns selection and ordering

User-defined columns properties (title, cell, font, width, etc.)

Separate cell and title properties support

Filtering data using visual query system (VisualCriteria™)

Multi sorting keys (ascending/descending)

Unlimited extra empty columns support with full options

Global list options (grid, justification, width, etc.)

Smart formulas and formats for columns and summaries

Automatic pre-defined summary formulas and functions (SUM, AVG, etc.)


With this powerful tool you can build and mail-merge database data and images with an unlimited number of Word documents from any kind and any content freely, easily, and quickly with just one mouse click.

Documents browser to manage document templates

Link document to an external file or store it internally in the database

Advanced documents editor with mail-merge field selection

Print documents from database browsers with advanced options

Formulas & expressions are updated automatically on printing

Combine the power of Word and the power of Oscar together


A very smart and sophisticated module which gives the users an advanced way to transfer data into visual statistical representation easily and efficiently. Visual representation brings the most complex and advanced statistical methods within reach of those with little statistical training by using animated graphics of the data.

Visual statistical system

Unlimited number of customized statistical reports

Support one, two, and three-dimensional reports/p>

Display results using advanced customizable statistical charts and tables

Unlimited database field selection

User-defined columns properties (title, cell, font, width, etc.)

Separate properties for data cells and titles

Filtering data using visual query system (VisualCriteria™)

Automatic zeros & empty data elimination

Customized native field range properties for each field type (numbers, dates, text, etc.)

Global statistical options (grid, justification, width, etc.)

Support smart statistical functions and formulas

Tables and graphics-based statistical interfaces

Display data in numbers and/or percentages


With this powerful module you can link any database record to an unlimited number of attachments. It provides the school administration (organization) with the tools to create, manage, and control electronic documents. In other words, it extends the functionality of OSCAR to help users collect all related data, whatever it looks like, into a single application.

A document may be a word processing file, or it may be a graphic image, or any other discrete, identifiable information unit that can exist within a computer system

Archive, track, and tag documents with type, date, note, description, category, external reference, keywords, etc.

Infinite categories and subcategories. Documents can be organized across custom categories and subcategories

Advanced search system. Archived documents can be searched by name, description and/or any archive field

Custom groups support. Documents can be owned by a specific registered user, a group of registered users, all registered users or everybody

Online editor. View, open, and edit documents on-the-fly

Store documents internally or as a link to external public or local location

Language Pack

Multi-language data entry engine with BiDi languages. Multi-language support for lists, documents, database fields, names, addresses, variables, lookups, and selections.

Automatic data translation

Automatic language selection for reports data

Switching keyboard layout automatically when moving between controls

Display fields data and titles automatically according to selected language


Oscar can operate within an advanced network environment in addition to a single PC. The advanced SQL database server and the unique processes, built in Oscar, allow it to accommodate with network environments securely and easily. Oscar is available in both single-user and multi-user versions.

Visual Criteria

This new feature allows you to define, store, and retrieve visual criteria on the-fly. Support for on-demand criteria dialog pop-up.

Multi-field selection

Support for both AND & OR logical operators

Use “less-than” and “greater-than” for variables, text, and selection

Exact order relation for sort-able fields. Auto-select between text and index

Define & manage unlimited number of criteria

Show & display selected fields only

Use native field type controls for editing fields (selection, combo, etc.)

Database Browsers

Smart database browsers to control and manage all data aspects easily and effectively

Customizable grid columns (selection and sorting)

Filtering data using visual query system (VisualCriteria™)

Advanced & fast searching capabilities (SmartSearch™)

DBNavigator™ to navigate through database records

Printing grid contents with advanced options

Sorting columns ascending/descending

Multi record selection & management

And much more …

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