Betaland Passport™

The Professional Hotel Management System

Passport is extremely powerful and comprehensive hotel management software that is just easy-to-use and flexible. While it is a feature rich suite full with integrated modules, Passport Reservation and Front Desk goes with your budget.

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Every module of passport is designed to help you manage your business more efficiently, make it more profitable, and leave you with more time to attend to the needs of your guest. In addition, it is backed by our unbeatable and excellent support and maintenance service.

General Features

Ideal for Reservations, Hotels and Guest Houses

Highly configurable and very easy to use interface

Automatic calculations

Fully featured and affordable

Advanced reporting system

Take Web bookings online

Analyze reservations and increase business profit

Multi-data and multi-user and right management support

Customizable & fully user-defined lists

Various and professional reports

Easy import and export capabilities to CSV files, Excel sheets, etc.

Secured password to prevent unauthorized access

Compatible with Microsoft office system

Fast SQL database that combines ease of use and low cost

Automatic backup & restore with efficient compression ratio

All windows versions support (98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7)

Check, download, and install updates automatically

Multi language interface & data entry support

Easy to install and operate


In hotel business, nothing is more important than handling reservation and booking of rooms. Handle these tasks effortlessly with robust features specially designed for reservation and booking operation tailored to your specific needs.

Multi-currency support

Simplify and automat the reservation process

Quickly create reservations

Reservation & group booking management

Advanced browser to manage reservations

Single reservation and group handling

Advanced rooms inventory and availability

Enter reservation by room type and quantity

Group Check In & Check Out

Option to cancel any reservation or group booking

Charge per night and person

Applying group charging/discount and group payment

Automatic rates calculations

Multi-Currency support

Travel agents management

Advanced occupancy / availability browser and reports

Rooms browser and rooms copy operation

Unlimited number of rooms

Reservation / Revenue reports

Reservation Lists and Report generator

Reservation Statistics

Define meals plan for each reservation

Flexible rate strategy management

Seasonal pricing, with multiple seasons over the year

Automatically generate charges to master folio

Built in reservation tools specific to your needs

Extra meals rates and management

Print reservations

Record booking notes and requests

Define which users can use which functions or see which fields

Select from list of rooms available

Automatically check for overbooking in reservation editor

Track deposits and customer payments

Update number of adults according to room types and quantity automatically

Display all reservations made by any date from availability screen

Find and Search reservations using advanced criteria and search system

Live View of reservations and capacity

Export reservations in standard CSV formats for Excel, etc.

Add any additional charges, towels, laundry, etc.

Automatic tracking of room availability

Multiple charge types, by night, person, etc.

Book multiple rooms in each reservation

Warn the user on overbooking rooms and dates made by any reservation

Quickly view room availability

Browse ahead and view upcoming reservations

Multiple pre-built reports available

Track which user made any booking at which date and time

Room notes

Front Desk

Passport Front Desk and Hotel Software is the modern solution which has whole range of integrated modules to cover every aspect of hotel management. The major modules of the system constitute of easy Check-in/Check-out, Group Management, House Keeping, Guest History and Management, and much more.

Flexible, Fast, and Easy group and guest Check In or Check Out

House keeping and maintenance

Extended guest Information

Undo Check In / Check Out

Guest room move

Guest charge from predefined services with multi-currency support

Guest discount/payment with multi-currency support

Advance Checked-In guests and guests history browser

Follow and track guest transactions easily and quickly

Preview or Print master/guest folio

Smart Front Desk operations

Arrivals, Departures, and Guests lists

Meals Summary and Meals Lists

Front Desk reports

Guests Lists and Report generator

Guests Statistics

Groups management

Automatic room status update

Assign guest room type or room number at any stage

Advanced and smart room selection

Handle group booking functions, changing/exchanging rooms, payments, check-in, and check-out with ease.

Warn the user if the guest room balance is due on checkout.

Split folio option to separate on charges and room tariff

Check different room status such as Vacant, Occupied, On-Change, Out of order, and Inactive with different colors codes right from rooms screen

Update room adults number according to room type or room number automatically

Customer quick search

Export house keeping lists

Live View of allocated rooms and capacity

Multiple payment methods

Record new or search for existing guests

Guest notes


Passport has a powerful import procedure to receive data and guest transactions automatically from 3rd party applications.

Connect to any PBX system with call log export capabilities

Import guest room charges from any POS application with data export feature


A sophisticated privilege system that provides “Administrators” with a powerful tool to define, manage and monitor unlimited number of users, to Control their ability to execute system operations or actions, and to Control their ability to access each single data object. Using this module, you can prevent unauthorized users from accessing data or run actions which are prohibited and much more.

Advanced module to control actions execution & fields access

Enable or Disable application actions

Set field access rights to None, Read Only, or Read write

Automatic field access control over database browsers, editors, lists, documents, etc.

Manage Users through an advanced database browser

Login/Logout from system with username and password

Create unlimited users accounts with new features and limit the access rights or/and actions executed for each user

Define which Users can use which functions and see what information


Through this powerful module, users can design and build their own-style lists and reports by virtually controlling each single option with a few clicks.

Unlimited columns selection and ordering

User-defined columns properties (title, cell, font, width, etc.)

Separate cell and title properties support

Filtering data using visual query system (VisualCriteria™)

Multi sorting keys (ascending/descending)

Unlimited extra empty columns support with full options

Global list options (grid, justification, width, etc.)

Smart formulas and formats for columns and summaries

Automatic pre-defined summary formulas and functions (SUM, AVG, etc.)


With this powerful tool you can build and mail-merge database data and images with an unlimited number of Word documents from any kind and any content freely, easily, and quickly with just one mouse click.

Documents browser to manage document templates

Link document to an external file or store it internally in the database

Advanced documents editor with mail-merge field selection

Print documents from database browsers with advanced options

Formulas & expressions are updated automatically on printing

Combine the power of Word and the power of Passport together


A very smart and sophisticated module which gives the users an advanced way to transfer data into visual statistical representation easily and efficiently. Visual representation brings the most complex and advanced statistical methods within reach of those with little statistical training by using animated graphics of the data.

Visual statistical system

Unlimited number of customized statistical reports

Support one, two, and three-dimensional reports/p>

Display results using advanced customizable statistical charts and tables

Unlimited database field selection

User-defined columns properties (title, cell, font, width, etc.)

Separate properties for data cells and titles

Filtering data using visual query system (VisualCriteria™)

Automatic zeros & empty data elimination

Customized native field range properties for each field type (numbers, dates, text, etc.)

Global statistical options (grid, justification, width, etc.)

Support smart statistical functions and formulas

Tables and graphics-based statistical interfaces

Display data in numbers and/or percentages


With this powerful module you can link any database record to an unlimited number of attachments. It provides the school administration (organization) with the tools to create, manage, and control electronic documents. In other words, it extends the functionality of PASSPORT to help users collect all related data, whatever it looks like, into a single application.

A document may be a word processing file, or it may be a graphic image, or any other discrete, identifiable information unit that can exist within a computer system

Archive, track, and tag documents with type, date, note, description, category, external reference, keywords, etc.

Infinite categories and subcategories. Documents can be organized across custom categories and subcategories

Advanced search system. Archived documents can be searched by name, description and/or any archive field

Custom groups support. Documents can be owned by a specific registered user, a group of registered users, all registered users or everybody

Online editor. View, open, and edit documents on-the-fly

Store documents internally or as a link to external public or local location

Language Pack

Multi-language data entry engine with BiDi languages. Multi-language support for lists, documents, database fields, names, addresses, variables, lookups, and selections.

Automatic data translation

Automatic language selection for reports data

Switching keyboard layout automatically when moving between controls

Display fields data and titles automatically according to selected language


Passport can operate within an advanced network environment in addition to a single PC. The advanced SQL database server and the unique processes, built in Passport, allow it to accommodate with network environments securely and easily. Passport is available in both single-user and multi-user versions.

Visual Criteria

This new feature allows you to define, store, and retrieve visual criteria on the-fly. Support for on-demand criteria dialog pop-up.

Multi-field selection

Support for both AND & OR logical operators

Use “less-than” and “greater-than” for variables, text, and selection

Exact order relation for sort-able fields. Auto-select between text and index

Define & manage unlimited number of criteria

Show & display selected fields only

Use native field type controls for editing fields (selection, combo, etc.)

Database Browsers

Smart database browsers to control and manage all data aspects easily and effectively

Customizable grid columns (selection and sorting)

Filtering data using visual query system (VisualCriteria™)

Advanced & fast searching capabilities (SmartSearch™)

DBNavigator™ to navigate through database records

Printing grid contents with advanced options

Sorting columns ascending/descending

Multi record selection & management

And much more …

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