Betaland TimeClock™

The Professional Attendance System

The ideal cost-effective solution for automated monitoring and managing of time & attendance for any type of business, with advanced secure biometric fingerprint verification.

Betaland TimeClock™ package is a complete solution for automated employee’s time & attendance recording, control and management, providing and producing efficient and professional work hours reports.

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Fingerprint Recognition and TimeClock™

Our professional clock with fingerprint biometry boasts integrated biometric employee recognition. An employee simply passes his card then places his finger on the sensor for authentication. TimeClock™ then verifies the matching identification of the employee, based on the original enrollment print in the database, and prompts that employee by name, to continue the transaction as required.

Time and Attendance with Access Control

Using TimeClock™ software, the user can load the transactions to a PC at regular intervals (daily, weekly or even monthly) and manually modify the transactions if necessary. TimeClock™ processes the data according to user-defined rules “contracts” associated with each employee (including rounding, shifts, holidays, vacations, overtime, etc.) and produces a set of various reports, which present the transactions, along with the system computations. The processed attendance data can also be exported to any external payroll software.

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Database Browser™

Smart database browsers to control and manage all data aspects easily and effectively

Customizable grid columns (selection and sorting)

Filtering data using visual query system (VisualCriteria™)

Advanced & fast searching capabilities (SmartSearch™)

DBNavigator™ to navigate through database records

Printing grid contents with advanced options

Sorting columns ascending/descending

Multi record selection

And much more …

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Hardware Features

Magnetic card, barcode or proximity input

Biometric fingerprint verification

Built-in TCP/IP communication

Large high contrast graphic display

Integrated access control support

User friendly ergonomic design

Built to withstand harsh environments

Uninterrupted during power-outs

Software Features

Detailed employee record with photo support

Follow up and manage employees’ attendance easily

Detailed contracts can be shared by any group of employees

Sophisticated shifts support with automatic assignment

Special browsers for advanced data editing and time adjustments

Multiple overtime options with automatic calculations

Daily, weekly, semi-monthly and monthly reports

Displays who is and who isn’t currently clocked in

Tracking and eliminating missed clock punches

Ability to round early or late clock in/out hours

Unlimited day types with multiple hour types and rates

Global insertion of holidays, vacations, etc.

Automatic salary calculations

Export data to third party accounting systems

Can be connected to multiple clocks

Automatic data transfer between the clock and the software

Easy import and export capabilities

Secured password to prevent unauthorized access

Fast SQL database that combines ease of use and low cost

Automatic backup & restore with efficient compression ratio

All windows versions support (98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003)

Multi language interface & data entry support

Easy to install and operate

Advanced Features

Easy & fast data entry

Multi field search support (Ids, Names, Phones, …)

Advanced listing capabilities (selection, sort, format, …)

Data export to windows applications (Word, Excel, …)

All reports can be saved to files for later analysis

Exporting data to various formats (ASCII, CSV, …

Preview reports on screen before printing

Professional looking printouts

Easy to modify and upgrade

Advanced setup manager

Reports can be printed fully or partially

Advanced password & high security protection

Pointing the mouse over objects displays useful hints

Standard Microsoft controls and windows for easy navigation (Menu bars, Icons, Tool bars, Status bars, …)

Selecting using variable lists to reduce errors, minimize data entry and decrease disk space

Powerful self-tuning features to minimize database administration


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